Week 11-Student Choice-Part 4

Mia Delizo
Nov 8, 2020


3. Some strengths of the first painting were the outlining. In the second painting, I didn’t paint the outline as bold as the first one. When I finished the second painting I realized a bolder outline made the two subjects pop out more.

4. I think the weakness of the first painting was the coloring. For the first painting, I didn’t do as many sections on the faces as I did the second one. I like the coloring on the second because it makes the painting look more vibrant. I also didn’t like the lime green from the first painting so I decided to use a darker shade of green, and I think it turned out better.

5. My classmate suggested I use a bigger canvas which I did. I don’t know if you can tell from the pictures, but the first painting was 8x10. and the second painting is 9x12. It’s not that much bigger, but I was able to add some smaller details.

6. Besides using a bigger canvas I also tried to add more different sections of color. I also added purple this time so I could have a more wide range of colors. As I said before I also didn’t add as much of an outline.

7. I think the second painting is better with coloring, but I liked the outline for the first painting more. I think if I were to do the painting a third time I would be able to incorporate both of those aspects.