Week 9-Art Activity-Student Choice, Part 2

2. My original vision for the project was to recreate one of Helena Wierzbicki’s pieces.

3. The project didn’t differ from my original plan. In the end, I recreated Wierzbicki’s piece “Oneness”.

4. I think the project was a success, however, I changed the style a little. I’m not able to blend the colors like Wierzbicki, so the shapes and colors were more solid.

5. I don’t think the piece got weaker due to compromises. I’m not that good at blending so most of the paintings I make, have this sort of style of being solid and confined. So, in a way, I made the piece my style which I liked.

6. For the piece I tried to blend the colors like Wierzbicki, however, after many attempts the colors ended up mixing and becoming completely different colors. As shown I wasn’t able to achieve the goal of blending. I think my piece communicated what I wanted it to.

7. If I did the project again I would’ve done the piece on a bigger canvas. I would have also used a different paint. I wanted to use some new paint I got, and it made some of the colors look weird, such as blue and red. After I looked at it I decided to switch back to my old paint so the colors looked more solid like orange and yellow. I would’ve also sketched the lines lighter because you can see the lines around the lighter colors.



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